Where Do You Fit in Roofing – New


Roofing Industry Personality Profile

Answer these 20 questions and see what kind of roofing job suits you.

I take more vacation pictures of roofs than my family.
1 out of 20
I point out the building that I have previously roofed when driving down a street.
2 out of 20
I stare down another roofing contractor that is installing a roof close to my project.
3 out of 20
I would encourage my children to make a career in roofing.
4 out of 20
I try to learn more about my job on my own time.
5 out of 20
I prefer variety to routine.
6 out of 20
I love to solve problems.
7 out of 20
I try to follow the rules.
8 out of 20
I am always prepared
9 out of 20
I don’t mind getting dirty.
10 out of 20
I don't mind working outside in different kinds of weather.
11 out of 20
I can talk others into doing things.
12 out of 20
I like to work 9 to 5, 5 days a week.
13 out of 20
Fellow roofers are the best people I know.
14 out of 20
I am very particular about my work shoes.
15 out of 20
I am constantly on my work phone.
16 out of 20
I watch roofing videos.
17 out of 20
I look at my job as a career.
18 out of 20
I think the best feeling is a job well done.
19 out of 20
I wear long sleeves on 100 degree days.
20 out of 20
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